Our Services

As well as our onsite Lab Services we also offer an array of on-site services for the convenience of our patients.

  • Work Related Injuries - Occupational Medicine »

    We do not provide these services at our clinic, but Virginia Mason Memorial does have a team of therapists, pathologists, and trainers to help members of our community recover, rehabilitate, and develop the skills needed to get back to their lives. More »

    Acute Care

    Allergy treatment/injections
    Ear wax removal
    Joint injections
    Oximetry/nebulizer treatments


    Acne treatment
    Cyst removal
    Mole and skin tag removal
    Skin biopsies/cancer detection
    Wart destruction
    Wound care/debridement


    In-patient hospital care
    Pneumonia and flu shots
    Preventative medicine


    Breast exams
    Cervical cancer screening
    Endometrial biopsy
    HPV vaccine/Gardasil
    IUD placement
    Pap smears
    Mammogram referral

  • Internal Medicine

    Asthma testing
    DOT physicals
    Full physicals
    In-patient hospital care
    Osteoporosis screening
    Prostate cancer screening

    Minor Surgery

    Toenail Removal


    In-Patient hospital care
    Sports physicals
    Well child care

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