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Our Services

As well as our onsite Lab Services we also offer an array of on-site services for the convenience of our patients.

Work-Related Injuries - Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine is provided by Virginia Mason Memorial's team of specialists to help members of our community recover, rehabilitate, and develop the skills needed to get back to their lives. Learn More »

Acute Care

Allergy treatment/injections
Ear wax removal
Joint injections
Oximetry/nebulizer treatments


Acne treatment
Cyst removal
Mole and skin tag removal
Skin biopsies/cancer detection
Wart destruction
Wound care/debridement


In-patient hospital care
Pneumonia and flu shots
Preventative medicine


Breast exams
Cervical cancer screening
Endometrial biopsy
HPV vaccine/Gardasil
IUD placement
Pap smears
Mammogram referral

Internal Medicine

Asthma testing
DOT physicals
Full physicals
In-patient hospital care
Osteoporosis screening
Prostate cancer screening

Minor Surgery

Toenail Removal


In-Patient hospital care
Sports physicals
Well child care